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Merchant’s identity

Official name:Heinen Delftware De Pauw BV
Trade names:Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw and Paauw
Address:Delftweg 133, 2289 BD Rijswijk
Mailingaddress:Postbus 400, 2600 AK Delft
Telephonenumber:++ 31 (15) 2124920
Opening hours published on website 
Chamber of Commerce
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By using the website www.delftpottery.com of you consent to the terms and conditions as described below.

Official dealer
Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw / PAAUW are official dealers for all the brands offered in the on-line shop www.delftpottery.com. A certificate of authenticity accompanies every purchase

By placing an order you enter into a contract with Heinen Delftware De Pauw BV.
Heinen Delftware De PauwBV reserves the right to limit the number of products in an order.

Prices and availability of the items are specified on the site of www.delftpottery.com. This information is subject to change without notice. All prices are including VAT (6 or 21 %).
Not included: handling, cost of tranport and insurance, import tax and duty. The total price charged will be the price for the total order including cost of handling, mailing and insurance.

With prior agreement De Paauw/Heinen Delfts Blauw will dispatch your order to the delivery address given. The delivery times quoted on the site of www.delftpottery.com are estimated on the basis of availability, normal working procedures and postal delivery services.
We are dependant on the services from the courier.

In the event that an item arrives damaged, this must be reported to Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw / PAAUW within one week by way of an e-mail accompanied by a digital photograph showing the damage. The item(s) will be replaced free of charge. After delivery you are responsible for the goods received.

All our payments are handled confidentially by Igenico epayments

Personal Data
All personal data will be handled confidentially and will not be provided to others

All the items are entirely painted by hand. This means that items will always be a little different in style and color from the items shown on the website.

Dutch Law
The laws of the Netherlands apply to all purchases